vendredi 2 septembre 2011

Why MSFT let’s me down?

Just a quick, humorous post to talk about my frustrations with MSFT and to express my doubts in words. 
There’s no Windows 7 tablet OS on the horizon and there are just vague rumors around Windows 8.

So what’s up with MSFT?

I google greedily at articles and videos on the Cisco "Cius" and on the Samsung tablets, and I can't offer anything to my clients, nothing more than some HTML5 pages.
Not bad, but even so, when you see Microsoft’s videos
'ENVISIONING' and 'Microsoft Sustainability : Productivity, future vision', HTML5 will not do everything.

There is such a gap between these very exciting “marketing video” vision and the application of real vision.

My dream is simply to offer Windows Metro-native applications to my clients on a tablet.  The leap from Windows Phone 7 to such a tablet OS shouldn’t be so difficult, and an agreement with tablet manufacturers is not so hard to obtain.
I dream about having a tablet with a native Office 365, and in particular, Lync & Outlook, plus my own native “tablet” applications.

There is such a potential for professional tablets!

Okay, dream over.   I plunge back into reality with the Android SDK and I revise my Java.

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