mercredi 9 février 2011

Back to the future

 The “client/server” is back !

Answering to the following questions, I realize there is just a little more than 10 years ago :
"Should we turn the page of the client-server?"

There was a question about the aggregation of "business process on servers and let the fat clients (WinForm/Win32 apps) which "heavily" manage the users behavior &interface.

10 years later, I think that, finally, we are back to good old  Heavy Client / server technologies.

I am currently working on web applications where clients are browsers and servers are "CloudServer Windows Azure" or internal corporate servers.

The technology that I am using for the client (ASP.NET MVC 3 + jQuery),  will give me a good real "fat" client, in the sense that I had explained in 2001, with so more possibilities and much easier development and deployment.
I dabbled in a bit of Silverlight + RIA , and there seems even stronger ...

Finally, for this small post, the loop is closed, a large parabola technology.///

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