lundi 28 février 2011

A tip about dashes for MVC 3 in jQuery Mobile and HTML 5 context

if you use HTMLhelper in MVC 3, you could have some difficulties to set custom properties.
For example, I'm using jQuery Mobile, and I need to set 'data-theme' or 'data-transition' on an ActionLink.
If you write it with '-' separator, you have a syntax error. The Redmond guys have cooked a small surprise for us, you should replace the '-' by '_' like this
@Html.ActionLink("My team", "UsersList", "Home", null,
 new { data_theme = "b", data_transition = "fade",
 data_icon = "star" })
and automaticly, they replace '_' by '-' in Hmtl code
<a data-icon="star" data-theme="b" data-transition="fade"
 href="/Home/UsersList">My team</a>
I think we can do the same thing for HTML 5 properties

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